St Virgin Mary Church might be the most talked-about church in Egypt. The church was built to honor the mother of the prophet Jesus “The Virgin Mary“, it was the place where the holy family started their journey to upper Egypt by boat. The church is located in Maadi which means “The Crossing Point”, 13 km south of downtown directly on the east riverbank of the Nile where in ancient pharaonic times was the front lines of the ancient capital of Egypt Memphis. At the beginning of its construction, it was known as Meniet El Sudan, Bustan El Adawia, and finally, El Martouti which means “The Mother of the Logos” in greek. This is the rumor that on the 12th of march in 1976 miraculous events happened where a holy book opened to the verse of Isaiah stating “Blessed be Egypt my people” was carried by the Nile to the bank under the church.

St Virgin Mary Church Design

St Virgin Mary Church Design - Egypt Tours Portal

St Virgin Mary Church has three majestic domes located on the three altars at the east. You will witness an entrancing lead by a corridor to the inside of the church where the nave contains ancient icons like an ancient wall of water and the altar screen. The chapel of the church also contains four caskets holding the relics of the saints and an original copy of the holy bible that was found floating on the Nile river behind a glass sanctuary in the church for everyone to see. The church also contains many enchanting chambers such as the Baptistery, the ancient tunnel and the steps used by the holy family during their Quest.

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