Who is Queen Nefertiti?

Queen Nefertiti is known to be one of the most famous, beautiful and powerful queens in the history of ancient Egypt, her name means a “Beautiful Woman Has Come“, she was one of the queens in the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt and had various titles during her life such as the lady of grace, great of praises, mistress of upper and lower Egypt, the lady of the two lands, main king’s wife, and the beloved of Akhenaten.

When Did Queen Nefertiti Get the Throne of Egypt?

Queen Nefertiti started her legacy as the wife of the Pharaoh Akhenaten (1353-1336 BC) who took the throne of Egypt after his father’s Amenhotep III death when she was only 15 years old, she ruled side by side with her husband who also relatively the same age, some believe she was from foreign country possibly Syria, while others believe she was the daughter of a high official called Ay.

What Did Queen Nefertiti Do with Her Husband?

Queen Nefertiti stood side by side with her husband when he attempted to end the polytheistic religious tradition of Egypt to a monotheistic system. He shifted the worship of Amun to the new only one god Aton “The Sun Disk” and she changed her name to Neferneferuaten which means the “Beautiful of Aton” and she moved with him to his new capital Akhetaton in El-Amarna. She ruled Egypt next to her husband and many wall paintings, decorations, and artifacts are shown set on the throne, wearing the crown. She had six daughters from Akhenaten, the most famous was Ankhesenpaaten who married her half-brother Tutankhamen.

The End of Her Life

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Queen Nefertiti at some point disappeared from power and her daughter Merritt Aton has got the queening throne of Egypt and after the twelfth year of Akhenaten’s rule. The condition of her death is also under a great debate which completely disappeared from the historical records. The location of Nefertari’s tomb is a complete mystery as there are two mummies under the names of “The Elder Lady” and “The Younger Lady” located within the Valley of the Kings and one of them is considered to be her true body but no one knows exactly which one.

The Famous Bust of Nefertiti

The Nefertiti Bust is a painted stucco-coated limestone carving of her beautiful face. This artifact has been crafted in 1345 B.C by the famous sculptor Thutmose, as it was found in his workshop in the city of Aten Amarna in 1912 by a German archaeologist called Ludwig Borchardt and it now resides in the museum of Berlin. It is highly important and famous for its enchanting beauty plus it showcases the ancient Egyptians understanding of crafting realistic facial proportions and artistic expression & techniques.

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