The tropical resort of El Gouna is a majestic lagoon that showcases the natural allure and the tremendous hidden treasures located at the essence of the red sea where the most incredible vacation can be experienced through a series of amazing entertaining activities that spreads joy and grace in the heart and soul of everyone who set foot within its heavenly beaches. Here are best things to do in El Gouna:

1. Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

Within the waters of El Gouna lies an adrenalin thrilling adventure that will be the high light of your vacation. El Gouna is famous for being the hub for kitesurfing where every traveler will hover in the skies of El Gouna by a kite through the skies of the red sea to explore the allure of El Gouna from above. You will meet with your kite instructor who will give you the basics on how to harness the winds for your own amusement while paying more attention to the safety measures and once you have mastered it then the adventure of a lifetime in your grasp.

2. Sliders Cable Park

Sliders Cable Park - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

Inside the great city resort of El Gouna is one of the largest cable parks in the world the slider park. It is a great place for families and youth to do water activities like kneeboarding wakeboarding, and Waterski across 15 floating obstacles and have some great time maneuvering in the sky and doing twists and turns while being airborne. And if you aren’t into aquatic activities well, the golden shell pool club offers a menu of amazing delicious fruity cocktails, flavorful cuisines, awesome DJs, plus panoramic views of the lagoon equipped a massive leisure pool, sunbeds, restaurant, bar, shisha house, open cabins and many more that puts a joyful memory in the heart forever.

3. Sailing In the Red Sea

Sailing In the Red Sea - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

Sailing in the red sea is like sailing across the shores of heaven where you will have the option to either board a sailboat like the luxurious catamarans as a passenger or sail by yourself after taking some courses where you will learn how to control the boat and harness the power of the wind and have an amazing experience that will be in your memory forever.

4. Experience Snorkeling

Snorkeling - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

The tropical heaven of El Gouna is able to transcend the concepts of tropical beauty through a snorkeling trip from El Gouna where all the hidden wonder of that part of the red sea is uncovered like the rare sea creatures and colorful coral reefs. Every traveler will enjoy the tranquility of paradise between the beautiful sunshine & the crystal beaches as you move freely with the heavy diving equipment. There are also some snorkeling spots to take advantage of beginners

5. Enjoy Horse Riding

Horse Riding - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

A horse ride in El Gouna is a miraculously relaxing experience where you will ride on the back of a beautiful well-trained friendly horse on the beach or through the desert which will put you in a high position to allowing you to see more of the heavenly atmosphere of the entire site providing an awesome experience and beautiful memories.

6. Stand up Paddling

Stand up Paddling - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

El Gouna is the home to a unique aquatic activity called to stand up paddling which is a way to relieve stress and just relax. Originates from Hawaii which gives everyone that chance to paddle across the waters of the red sea and meditate on the surface of its magical waters before moving on to some the tricky water sports like surfing or diving.

7. Experience Segway

Segway - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

If you are looking to mix technology with nature then a segway tour across the beaches and streets of el Gouna is here for you. Once you have mastered the machine, you will be able to travel freely and feel the fresh air and the sun on your skin without being controlled or cooped upon in a car or a boat.

8. Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

No vacation is complete without some relaxing time at the spa, after enjoying the local sports and experiencing all the amazing activities and excursion then its is time to regain your strength and chill with some amazing treatments before getting a good night’s sleep such as an Angsana massage and a bamboo message which will provide pure relaxation and rejuvenation.

9. Enjoy Golf

Golf - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

If you are into golf then you are in the right place since El Gouna hosts an 18 hole golf course designed by world play players and designers Fred Couples & Gene Bates and a second one known as “Ancient Sands Golf Resort” that premiered in 2012 and designed by acclaimed golf course architect Karl Litten. El Gouna offers a good game of golf and an amazing experience accompanied by a magical view across the red sea among the incredible red sea under the warm sun and breezing winds.

10. Sunbathing

Sunbathing - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

A shower of sun rays awaits under the beautiful warm climate where you can soak yourself in the sunlight and get this wonderful golden tan after you have put on sun location so you won’t get any sunburns. After you get that ideal long-lasting suntan then you explore some of the other awesome activities.

11. Quad Biking in the Desert

Quad Biking in the Desert - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

For those with a sense of an adventure and independence, you have the chance to explore the hidden allure of the Sahara through El Gouna super safari by quads into the desert where you will have your adrenaline pumping and have a window to experience some amazing activities like a delicious Bedouin dinner, experience the magic of el Gouna with an entrance to the eastern desert with a Quad Bike where the most incredible memories will be created.

12. Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming with Dolphins - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

The heavenly waters of El Gouna offer a gift to a magical swim with the angels of the sea the Dolphins in the dolphin house. You will get to feel the harmony of the underwater marine paradise in the embrace of dolphins where you will get a deep connection with the animal. This marvelous experience will live in the spirit and mind for as long as you live.

13. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

The cable park is one of the best ideal places on the red sea to learn the active sport of wakeboarding plus it offers some ramps practice your wakeboarding abilities once you feel confident enough. Lessons are available for everyone at all levels. you will be given the opportunity to learn quickly and safely until you are ready to try it on your own. You will now the taste of a true adventure and even get the confidence to try a flip or two on the waters of El Gouna.

14. Fishing Tour

Fishing - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

El Gouna is an ideal destination to catch some amazing fish and have an awesome fishing trip where you will fish in the amazing waters of the red sea which have amazing quality and a delightful atmosphere. You will board a boat then head to the center of the red sea. you will set back and relax under the majestic skies.

15. Ride A Camel In the Desert

Ride A Camel In the Desert - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

A camel ride across the eastern Sahara from El Gouna is like riding through a different time filled newly created natural wonder. You will explore the wild nature of the eastern desert on the back of a camel-like in the ancient times to showcase pure ageless nature wonders under the atmosphere of the sun and the moon in the skies where the stars come out to paint a beautiful image that will make your time truly magical.

16. Enjoy A Bedouin Dinner

Bedouin Dinner - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal
The heavenly delicious taste of th

e delicious Bedouin dinner will always be in your mind and soul forever. The Bedouin tribe residing in the desert will offer an ancient cuisine dating to thousands of years made from all-natural ingredients such as traditional chicken pie with kofta, potatoes, and rice cooked under the heat of the desert, plus the natural baked super delicious Bedouin bread baked under the clear heavenly skies filled with twinkling lights, then you will drink a Bedouin tea while observing a native oriental show playing under the influence of traditional folkloric songs under the shade of the red sea mountains.

17. Marina Street Festival

Marina Street Festival - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

Friday night in El Gouna is not like any other as you will listen to the most magical music celebrations during the great music festival in El Gouna in spring break where various international bands perform to take the stage at a live concert on the open beach under a delightful tropical atmosphere, and dance shows as you enjoy tasty meals and drinks while watching.

18. Visit the Desert Breath

Desert Breath - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

One of the modern pieces of impressive art in El Gouna is “The Desert Breath” which is located in the Eastern desert near Hurghada on the Red Sea coast. Desert breathe is a double-spiral work of land art that showcases an experience of infinity with the desert as a landscape of the mind which is only viewable for only 20 years after its creation in march 1997 on one million Square feet.

19. Canoeing/Kayaking

Canoeing Kayaking - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

The safe and calm waters of el Gouna lagoons provide you with a safe environment to perform a canoeing and kayaking tour where you will race against the red sea and be in charge whether you want to have an exciting or a relaxing adventure during your active holiday. You can have a company to paddle with you and have an even awesome time.

20. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal
This is no better way to explore t

he beauty of the red sea than a diving excursion in one of the world’s most popular destination for diving El Gouna where you will witness the harmonious underwater marine life which is filled with rare sea creatures colorful coral reefs and shipwrecks through the countless diving centers in el Gouna. There are many diving schools for it happens to be your first time.

21. Inflatable Ocean Ride

Inflatable Ocean Ride - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

If you want to give so fun then the inflatable ocean ride will give you the thrill of a lifetime then you glide across the ocean. They come in different shapes like an inflatable boat, a ring, and a banana, made to groups, you will scream and shout and feel the adrenaline pumping all over your body.

22. Tamr Henna Square Event

Tamr Henna Square Event - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

Known to be the center for all the fun and exciting places in el Gouna that offers a traditional Nubian show with mesmerizing talented belly and Tanoura dancing. You will dine in one of the amazing restaurants in the city offering customary Egyptian cuisines and awesome drinks.

23. Kafr El Gouna

Kafr El Gouna - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

One of the coolest locations in El Gouna is the downtown area known as Kafr El Gouna that holds a selection of authentic shops, bars, and stunning restaurants offering delicious cuisine available. You will get to relax with a drink or enjoy a lively evening by dancing the night away in one of the open-air clubs or festivals with a vibrant atmosphere that offers the chance to meet new interesting people.

24. Moods Beach Club House Party

Moods Beach Club House Party - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

One of the biggest clubs in El Gouna is the moods beach club which has a large outdoor stage and impressive dance area where some of the biggest stars perform. It’s the best place in El Gouna to get your groove on as you sing and dance all night long.

25. Taste Delicious Salmon

Taste Delicious Salmon - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

The smokery yacht club is where you’ll want to be if you want to experience the finest dining experience in El Gouna. The supremely delicious salmon is a very popular dish and arguably some of the best salmon you will ever taste during your time in Egypt. The other dishes are also excellent and prepared to the highest standards by the skilled team in the club’s kitchen. You will get to Chill out and relax in the calm atmosphere and let the well-trained staff handle every order from a meal to a refreshing beverage.

26. Shop Til You Drop

Shopping - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

Within the great city resort of El Gouna is all that you can wish for as there is no more than you can handle from hand-crafted shops to bustling arcades to cultural bazaars. anyone can perform a shopping tour on the roads outside the hotel shops where a number of shops contain all that you want at lower prices.

27. Aerial Sightseeing

Aerial Sightseeing - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

The sight of the el Gouna from above is a piece of paradise where you will witness it through motor gliders and ultra aircraft. From El Gouna to Hurghada or Sahl Hasheesh you will have a 20-minute ride above the resort or a 90-minute ride along the coast. Witnessing true beauty has been this easier.

28. Visit the Aquarium

Aquarium - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

The small el Gouna Aquarium is a magical place that puts you up close and in person with some of the rare sea creatures of the red sea and offers a great deal of knowledge about their hidden habitat. Everyone both young and adult will have an amazing time so full of wonder and magic.

29. Beach Buggy

Beach Buggy - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

One of the many ways to get your adrenaline pumping is to so a beach buggy across the exciting different locations surrounding the resort. You will explore some incredible sites showcasing the pure heavenly allure of the el Gouna and the Sahara while feeling the wind on your face as you more and faster after you have received the required training and wore protective gear.

30. Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

One of the best ways to stay active in Elgouna is to play some beach volleyball on the amazing golden sands next to the red sea with your friends and family and create some beautiful memories.

31. The Bibliotheca Alexandrina El Gouna – Culturama

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina El Gouna - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

One of the most unique attractions in El Gouna is the great library of Bibliotheca Alexandria where you will explore a tone of history and information for the fee of 1 euro. Inside is the cultural show which is displayed on nine screens showcasing the entire history of ancient Egypt across 5000 years.

32. Glass Bottom Boat Trips

Glass Bottom Boat - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

There is no way place to witness the full magic, wonder, and beauty of the underworld than the glass bottom of el Gouna where you can see everything clearly from the bottom of the boat. You will witness the harmonious beautiful sea creatures all living together in total harmony in a crystal clear vision with your family and friends.

33. Liquid Park El Gouna

Liquid Park El Gouna - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

One of the biggest inflatable water parks is the liquid water park where you can enjoy climbing walls, action towers, slides, and more while being very safe and secure. It is easy to get to, only operating in the peak seasons and offers the ultimate fun for kids and the full family.

34. Visit Zeytouna Beach

Zeytouna Beach - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

One of the exciting and awesome beaches in El Gouna is Zeytouna beach which possesses all the means to relax but and stay active, have fun, and to learn all kinds of new things. If you want to chill and get a suntan then find a spot on the sandy shores. You can head into the glistening waters for a swim or snorkel to see the beautiful underwater marine life. You will also be able to learn to kitesurf here, which is a superb activity to perform.

35. Beach Party at Mangroovy Beach

Beach Party at Mangroovy Beach - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

If you’re looking for a party then you are in the right place in the irresistible beach of Mangroovy that offers an ultimate location to have a BBQ and have fun with your friends. The incredible soft sand and warm waters are ideal for swimming and relaxing across the soft sand and warm waters.

36. Fly in the Air with Jetlev-Flyers

Fly in the Air with Jetlev-Flyers - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

One of the newly futuristic activities newly added is a unique experience to fly above the surface of the water using a kind of water jet device that will make you feel like a superhero as you are flying up in the air.

37. Sunset Catamaran Cruise with amazing Champagne

Sunset Catamaran Cruise - Things to Do in El Gouna - Egypt Tours Portal

The sight from the catamaran cruise at the sunset is nothing shorter than heavenly where you will have the time of your life on board and experience the lifestyle of a millionaire with the beautiful sights of the el Gouna and the red sea showcasing an endless glimmering of magical blue waters.

Best El Gouna Shore Excursions

With our El-Gouna excursions, having fun & enjoy, don’t stop at the limit of snorkeling & riding quad bikes in El-Gouna, but to go beyond limits and get the experience of being a king with our royal treatment with our guests while visiting the Egyptian cities with their fabulous landmarks. Here are best tours from El Gouna