Safaga Port has always been this magical port that can provide the vacation of dreams providing incredible levels of entertainment & tranquility. The city is famous as a therapeutic tourist center filled with special medical research facilities and an amazing collection of aquatic activities like snorkeling, diving, surfing, and more, all under a delightful atmosphere where the most incredible holiday can be enjoyed to the fullest. Here are the best things to do from Safaga port:

1. Camel Ride from Safaga Port

Camels Ride - Things to Do in Safaga - Egypt Tours Portal

A camel ride is like traveling back in time on the back of a noble creature, From Safaga bay lies a magical tour to the eastern desert by a camel ride where all the secret of the Sahara can be explored in the fullest light showcasing a number of natural treasures that awaken a sense of wonder and joy in under beautiful skies illuminating with desert with an infinite number of lights.

2. Glass Bottom Boat Ride in Safaga Bay

Glass Bottom Boat` - Things to Do in Safaga - Egypt Tours Portal

If you wish to explore the underwater beauty of the red sea then the glass bottom boat is the ideal way to fully explore all the secret under the seas and watch the harmonious sea creatures living in total peace and calmness in their own total hidden universe through the bottom glass of a boat and while enjoying the finest means of comfort.

3. Snorkeling at Sharm El Naga

Snorkeling - Things to Do in Safaga - Egypt Tours Portal

Sharm El Naga is one of the finest locations for aquatic sports especially snorkeling where you will witness all the enchanting sea creatures and coral reefs. It is located just 20 KM north of Safaga port containing various means of entertainment all across the area. Through the surface of Sharm El Naga beach, you will witness a true living miracle.

4. A Special Tour to Luxor Attractions

Luxor Temple - Things to Do in Safaga - Egypt Tours Portal

The allure and grandeur of Luxor can be explored from Safaga port where you can explore the beautiful Luxor temple is the house of the Theban triad that consists of Amun the Sun God, Mut his wife Goddess of motherhood and their son Khonsu the Moon God and the world’s biggest open-air museum the Karnak temple the center of the religious life during the new kingdom (1550-1070 BC) where the worship of many deities took place in ancient Egypt. The majestic city of a hundred doors Luxor where everyone can explore what makes Luxor truly special in a private Luxor day tour from Safaga port accompanied by a professional tour guide across the mythical Karnak temple complex, the beautiful Hatshepsut temple the enchanting valley of the kings, the majestic Colossi of Memnon and a lot more great attractions.

5. Deluxe Desert Safari

Desert Safari Trip - Things to Do in Safaga - Egypt Tours Portal

A desert Safari across the essence of the Sahara is a magical chance to witness a new environment made in an image of rare beauty within the heavenly gates of eastern Sahara where the finest reflection the allure is exposed. In the eastern desert is the bedouin villages where everyone can join them for dinner and get a taste of thousands of years old traditions. You can book the Desert Safari tour from Safaga port and get the chance to combine adventure and culture.

6. Full-Day Cairo Tour from Safaga Port

Giza Pyramids - Things to Do in Safaga - Egypt Tours Portal

A full-day tour from Safaga port to Cairo is a delightful chance to explore all wonders around the city from the great pyramids of Giza to the sole guardian of Egypt the sphinx and all the beautiful unforgettable mixture of Coptic attractions like ben Ezra, the hanging church and more. in the city of minarets are a great number of Islamic attractions like the Cairo citadel, ibn Mulan mosque, Khan El Khalili bazaar, and various more.

7. Sindbad Submarine Tour

Sindbad Submarine - Things to Do in Safaga - Egypt Tours Portal

The Sinbad Submarine is a magical vessel designed to showcase all the wonder and beauty of the red sea by diving to the depth of 72 feet (22 meters) below the surface where the harmonious ecosystem is observed very clearly through one of the windows for 50 minutes with your friends and family if you desire.

8. Diving Tours in Safaga

Diving - Things to Do in Safaga - Egypt Tours Portal

The heart of the red sea is a living wonder from the heavens only revealed to the adventurous souls who will dive to the belly of the red sea and get a taste of the true meaning of beautiful marine life in a state of harmony and balance between the amazing sea creatures and the coral reefs.

9. Spend One Night in Luxor from Safaga Port

Valley of the Kings - Things to Do in Safaga - Egypt Tours Portal

A glimpse of the heavens awaits in Luxor from Safaga port for one full night where ancient history will reveal all of its secrets of glory and magic and witness the greatness of the divine Karnak temple, the phenomenal Luxor temple, the colossal colossi of Memnon, the beautiful Hatshepsut temple, the miraculous valley of the kings and a ton of hidden wonders.

10. Special Two Days Tour to Cairo & Luxor from Safaga Port

The Egyptian Museum - Things to Do in Safaga - Egypt Tours Portal

For two magical days Cairo & Luxor tour from Safaga Port, you will witness the true definition of immortality revealed in front of you in the first day with the miraculous sight of the Giza Pyramid Complex, the great sphinx and the majestic golden and stone artifacts in the Egyptian museum, then complete your two-day tour by heading to the golden city of Luxor that holds the great Karnak temple complex, the Phenomenal Hatshepsut temple, the royal valley of the kings and a lot more, in those two magical days some beautiful memories of a lifetime will remain in your mind and soul forever.

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When destiny smiles, you answer the call and explore the true meaning of entertainment, rejuvenation & tranquility plus explore the divine destinations located in the proximity of Safaga like Cairo and Luxor. Check the best Safaga shore excursions and beyond and make some precious memories with each passing moment of your chosen tour.