Out of all the 118 pyramids in Egypt, one pyramid seems to be more special, the pyramid of Djedefre has always been shrouded with many unanswered questions. It has been dubbed the lost pyramid as the pyramid may have one the highest pyramids ever built that could rival the great pyramids of Giza. Djedefre pyramid is believed that was the same height as the third pyramid of Giza, the pyramid of Menkaure. The pyramid of Djedefre was considered to be one of the most beautiful of all the pyramids as it contained an exterior of polished, limestone and imported granite and crowned with a large pyramidion but the site remains an unfinished funerary complex since its construction in the old kingdom by the fourth dynasty ruler Djedefra (2566-2558 BC), the name Djedefra means is Sehedu star and the pyramid was once called “Djedefre’s Starry Sky“. The destruction of the pyramid started at the end of the new kingdom (1550-1050 BC) all throughout the roman the Christian era in order to construct various temple and monasteries and at the times of the 19th century, it was proven that the stones were being hauled away by camels at the rate of three hundred loads a day.

Pyramid of Djedefre Location

The pyramid of Djedefre is located in the continuation of Gebel El-Ghigiga on the western bank of the Nile valley, in the archaeological area of Abu Rowash that belongs in the northern section of the necropolis at the city of Memphis. The pyramid is believed to have been destroyed for an unknown reason.

The Architecture of Djedefre Pyramid

Architecture of Djedefre Pyramid - Egypt Tours Portal

The architecture of the Djedefre’s pyramid is highly more different than its immediate predecessors as the chambers were beneath the pyramid instead of inside. The pyramid of Djedefre was built on a natural mound as it symbolizes the Ancient Egyptian creation myth and the chambers were constructed using a ramp. The pharaoh dug a pit deep in the mound and by using the ramp the chambers and the access passage were constructed. After the inner chambers were built, the pit and the ramp were filled in and the pyramid was built over the top, this allowed the chambers to be made without any form of tunneling and were able to avoid the structural complication regarding making chambers within the body of the pyramid itself. The pyramid of Djedefre was created by a rectangular enclosure wall oriented north-south similar to the architectural style of Djoser and Sekhemkhet. The mortuary temple is on the east side of the pyramid, the boat pit contained many fragments of red, and the boat pit contained many fragments of red quartzite statuary with three painted heads from statues of the pharaoh Djedefra. To the north of the pyramid is Wadi Quran which still unexcavated. The site also contains some remains and statues from the Coptic era. To the east of the pyramid complex is an old kingdom cemetery and about two km to the south are the remains of a brick-built pyramid comprising a knoll of rock and a burial chamber.

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