Among the most fascinating things that can be arranged in Egypt is staring into the super magical dark sky and also contemplating the creations of nature. The best timing to enjoy such beauty in Egypt is at night when there is no pollution, crowdies, or anything that destroys the amazing beauty of Egypt’s fantasy cities. There are some incredible sites that offer the best chance to go stargazing and here are the most staggering of them:

1. Giza Plateau

Stargazing at Giza Plateau - Egypt Tours Portal
Stargazing at Giza Plateau – Egypt Tours Portal

Giza Pyramids Complex is the most famous & incredible site to visit all around Egypt as you will be able to witness there some of the most captivating achievements of the ancient Egyptians and it is also the best place to watch the fantastic Milky Way that lights up the sky all around the complex. The majority of tourists rush during the whole day time to visit that unbelievable site and to enjoy touring around its fantastic miracles but others love to wait till the night time to visit and stargaze into the exceptional dark sky in front of the hypnotic Pyramids of Giza while escaping the crowds. The best possible timing to enjoy such activity is at night during the Sound & Light Show at the Complex through which travelers have the best chance to hear tens of fantastic stories about the history of Egypt and some of the bewitching secrets about the Ancient Egyptians.

2. The White Desert

Stargazing at the White Desert - Egypt Tours Portal
Stargazing at the White Desert – Egypt Tours Portal

The Egyptian Desert is among the most exciting unique destinations in the country where you can enjoy really interesting activities like nowhere else. Among the most exciting activities that can be arranged from the desert is going camping in the desert beneath the magical dark sky where stargazing will be the best thing to do there in addition to enjoying trekking, hiking, and lots of other amazing activities with the ones you love.

3. Fayoum City

Stargazing at Fayoum City - Egypt Tours Portal
Stargazing at Fayoum City – Egypt Tours Portal

Travelers can easily reach Fayoum City from Cairo and it takes roughly an hour and a half driving each way to reach your targeted destination. It is such a gorgeous Egyptian city and has direct access to one of the most mesmerizing oases in Egypt. While being there, you will find that there are lots of activities and options you can participate in lust like horseback riding, exploring some of the greatest ancient Egyptian monuments, go sandboarding, and lots of other activities that will fill your day with absolute fun and enjoyment. Among the most prominent activities to enjoy in Fayoum city is spending your night in the constellations of the city overlooking its great Magic Lake that is located in the middle of the desert and there you will definitely experience the best stargazing activity.

4. Saint Catherine

Stargazing at Saint Catherine - Egypt Tours Portal
Stargazing at Saint Catherine – Egypt Tours Portal

It is such a terrific destination to head to while being in Egypt to enjoy a real marvelous spiritual tour full of excitement and entertainment. It is suited in Saint Catherine town and dozens of travelers come all that long to hike Mount Moses and see the incredible view from the mountain summit. This is with no doubt the most magical destination to witness the wonderful sunrise and also to spend a real magical night beneath a milky way full of stars. It is an exceptional experience that allows travelers to enjoy, have fun, and experience something that can’t be witnessed anywhere else.

5. Siwa Oasis

Stargazing at Siwa Oasis - Egypt Tours Portal
Stargazing at Siwa Oasis – Egypt Tours Portal

This magical oasis is located in the heart of the Western Desert and it is definitely the best destination to go to in order to stay away from the hustle & bustle of the capital of Egypt and also to start an exploration trip to one of the most distinctive cultural locations all over the country where there are the local Bedouins and they are really kind people who are always ready to assist Egypt’s visitors to know the whole things about their culture & most common traditions. Travelers also have the best ability to enjoy a hot spring while being in the oasis, climb the amazing mountains there, and have a cycling trip around the city, camp in the desert on an unforgettable night where stargazing will be the most fascinating thing to do.

6. Sharm El-Sheikh City

Stargazing at Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt Tours Portal
Stargazing at Sharm El Sheikh – Egypt Tours Portal

The beautiful city of Sharm El-Sheikh is located on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula and it is one of the most fabulous coastal cities around Egypt that is famous for its incredible coral reefs, hypnotic crystal blue beaches, hypnotic colorful Coral Reefs, the best diving locations, terrific hotels & resorts and much more amazing elements which makes it on the top list of any traveler’s bucket list. While being there, you will have an exclusive chance to dive into the impressive dark sky and experience a totally romantic night, and witness the beautiful sky filled with stars that light up the whole coral coast.

7. Nuweiba

Stargazing at Nuweiba - Egypt Tours Portal
Stargazing at Nuweiba – Egypt Tours Portal

It is located near Sharm El-Sheikh with only a couple of hours driving, you will find yourself in one of the most staggering spots where you will have the best opportunity to experience the eastern part of the Sinai Peninsula and it is highly recommended for travelers who seek to enjoy the real peace of mind, tranquility as never before, and tour through the White Sand. You will definitely get amazed with the exceptional beauty of the sky at night with the view of the mountains and you won’t have any desire to leave such a terrific natural spot.

Start planning your upcoming adventure with us now and experience the hypnotic beauty of nature in Egypt. Choose one of our Egypt tour packages and don’t forget to go stargazing at one of the most spectacular destinations on earth.