Tourists can experience lots of different interesting activities & tours in Egypt and part of any traveler’s experience is picking up & buying some interesting souvenirs from the country he/she has visited to commemorate their visit and to show their relatives and friends the best things they have met and seen in Egypt and to show them part of the Egyptian culture & civilization. There are tens of shopping sites & bazaars in Egypt that sell almost all of what any guest may want to get regarding the great cultural treasures, antiques, and traditional items that reflect the Egyptian culture and to have an idea regarding the most traditional things that you can find in Egypt, here is a list of the most common of then:

1. Mini Pyramids

Mini Pyramids - 10 Traditional Souvenirs to buy in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

The Pyramids in Giza of Khufu, Khafre, and Menquare are considered with no doubt the most fascinating attractions to visit all around Egypt due to their incomparable size, magical construction, and absolute dedication of the ancients while constructing them. And because of this, the mini pyramids that are sold in nearly every store and shop around Egypt are really amazing gifts for all tourists. There are also other miniature statues that belong to the ancient history of Egypt just like the mini statues of Giza Sphinx, kings, and Queens.

2. Papyrus Scroll

Papyrus Scroll - 10 Traditional Souvenirs to Buy in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

That item is closely attached to the great ancient Egyptian civilization since the ancients were the first ones to establish the writing system on the papyrus which was made from the papyrus plant pith. Nowadays, you will find tens of papyrus scrolls in the majority of the stores that sell antiques and tourist souvenirs. They are being sold in different shapes, paintings, scenes, and the Hieroglyphic alphabet.

3. The Scarab

The Scarab - 10 Traditional Souvenirs to buy in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

The scarab are items that are in the shape of dung beetles and they were considered really important for the ancient Egyptians due to some ancient religious beliefs but now they are sold to tourists as gifts as they are really cool and they are sold in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Those beetles are also used in the bracelets & necklaces so that women put them on and keep to always remember the amazing trip she has been to.

4. Cartouche

Cartouche - 10 Traditional Souvenirs to Buy in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

This is another very familiar type of gift in Egypt and it is mainly an oval that has a horizontal line that indicates to an enclosed text. Such items are engraved on the walls of so many Egyptian temples and they are being sold nowadays on different materials like stones and alabaster. Cartouche is mainly being sold nowadays in the different silver shops in a form of silver necklaces. The most interesting thing about them is that sellers offer the opportunity to write the name of the guest in the Hieroglyphic alphabet and this is with no doubt really wonderful for you and the ones you love.

5. The Egyptian Jalabiya

The Egyptian Jalabiya for women- 10 Traditional Souvenirs to buy in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

This is one of the most common Egyptian traditional outfits that can be found in Egypt which is mainly similar to dresses and is suitable for both men and women with different styles and colors. Not so many people who live in the capital wear it but only the native locals who are living in the villages and deserts. Its style differs from a governorate to another and you will be able to find so many shops and stores in Egypt that sell such a common Egyptian outfit.

6. Belly Dancing Outfit

Belly Dancing - 10 Traditional Souvenirs to buy in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

The Egyptians have been always known for their belly dancing a long time ago which is mainly Arabic expressive dance that is organized based on specific movements. The dancer wears a specific outfit and the majority of the Egyptian movie especially the white & black ones reflect the traditional outfit that is used by the belly dancers. Such outfits are different in styles and colors and because Egypt’s visitors get impressed by all of what is traditional and reflects the Egyptian traditions, they like buying such an outfit as gifts while being in Khan El-Khalili Bazaar.

7. Geometric Pattern Boxes

Geometric Pattern Boxes - 10 Traditional Souvenirs to Buy in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

Those are known as jewelry boxes and they are arabesque style boxes that are sold in tens of places around Egypt in different sizes, designs, and shapes. They are designed with some Islamic geometric patterns and although such patterns date back to the Islamic era, lots of those patterns actually trace back to the ancient Egyptian era. So it is such an exceptional souvenir to buy during your Egyptian vacation.

8. Leather Slippers

Leather Slippers - 10 Traditional Souvenirs to Buy in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

These handmade leather slippers are designed in so many shapes, sizes, and colors and can be bought in nearly all Egyptian stores. With the amazing Pharaohnic symbol that can be found on the slipper, it is considered really a wonderful gift to buy in Egypt and to take it with you back home. Those symbols show the ancient Egyptian deities in the Egyptian Pantheon. The slippers aren’t really practical but they are wonderful to keep with you or to gift them to the ones you love.

9. Glass Bottles

The Egyptians are really incredible in the craft of glass sand bottles and it is actually considered one of the oldest crafts in the country. There are lots of street vendors who are specialized in selling those handmade sand bottles with beautiful designs, colors, and shapes and you will definitely be able to find them in Luxor, Dahab, Aswan, Cairo, Sharm, and Alexandria.

10. Traditional Hats

Traditional Hats - 10 Traditional Souvenirs to Buy in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

Egypt vendors are known for selling different hats to tourists and such hats are different in sizes, shapes, and colors. The most common types of hats to buy in Egypt are the Nubian hats that are sold in Aswan, Cairo, Giza, and in so many bazaars around the country. Another famous type of hat that you can find in Egypt is the cowboy hat and it is mainly sold in Giza & Cairo to protect tourists from the heat of the sun and also to give them a wonderful look in front of the greatest Egyptian attractions.

If you have the chance to plan a visit to that breathtaking site in Egypt, it would be a very interesting addition to your Egypt tour and we will be more than happy to arrange the best cultural tours for you within our various Egypt vacations.