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Saint Catherine City

Saint Catherine City - Egypt Tours Portal

Saint Catherine city is a magical gem located on a mountain top under the shadow of the holy giant rocky pillars of Sinia. The goal of this marvelous article is to offer every traveler all the information and facts about the divine Saint Catherine City. This article was written by a group of very knowledgeable and skilled tour operators, tour guides, and travel consultants who know all the information surrounding Saint Catherine City.

It is one of the only remaining active worship sites since biblical times. Many travelers from all over the world come to witness the beautiful sun rays reflecting through the top of the city in a heavenly fashion and explore the finest examples of biblical wonders between the gates of the immortal monastery of Saint Catherine city in the same site where it is believed Moses talked to God and received the ten commandments.

History of Saint Catherine City

The history of Saint Catherine city goes back to the times of the 16th century BC and even during the early days of the ancient Egyptian kingdom, the city of sain Catherine was part of an ancient Egyptian province known as "Deshret Reithu".

It was an important province to the Egyptian empire in the new Kingdom (1550 - 1070 BC) providing turquoise, copper, and gold as shown by the well-preserved remains of mines and temples, one of which are temples dedicated to Hathor the goddess of love and beauty. During the Roman and Byzantine era between 527 and 565 BC, the Saint Catherine monastery was constructed. It became a UNESCO world heritage area due to its natural and cultural importance.

Geography & Climate of Saint Catherine City

The city of Saint Catherine is located on the edges of the El Tur Mountains at the altitude of 1,586 m (5,203 ft), at the footing of Mount Sinia and Saint Catherine's Monastery which is known as "The Roof of Egypt", 120 kilometers (75 mi) away from Nuweiba.

The city is surrounded by the highest mountain ranges in Egypt and has a current population of close to 20,000 people. it has very low humidity and the coldest nights in all of Egypt during winter due to the high altitude but it also offers a delightful pleasant climate during the summer, enchanting spring, and cool winter.

Modern Township

The city is one of the newest townships in Egypt containing every typical number of facilities like a high school, police a hospital, and a fire brigade, a range of hotels, telephone centers, banks, post offices, and more. The oldest settlement in the town is the Wadi el Sybaiya located on the east of the monastery. There are many nomad Bedouins living around the monastery which lies in the Wadi el Deir which offers a path all the way to Mount Sinai.

Religion in Saint Catherine City

Saint Catherine city is a place of holy importance to the world's three major Abrahamic religions, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. It is the site where Moses is believed to have been given the Ten Commandments from the all mighty; a place where early Christianity flourished and the Orthodox monastic traditions still exist.

It is a place that the prophet Mohammed put under his protection. Many events recorded in the Holy Bible & Quran took place in the area with hundreds of places of religious importance in the city. The city holds two ancient churches and the Monastery of St Katherine and the Rock of Moses.

Nature of Saint Catherine City

The city of Saint Catherine is a protectorate established in 1988 and declared as a UNESCO world heritage area. it has a unique ecosystem containing biodiversity filled with rare plants and herbs and a number of wild animals. 

The site also played a part as a religious hub as it was picked to construct upon the Chapel of the Burning Bush "Saint Helen’s" Chapel after the mother of Constantine the Great in 330 AD. The Burning Bush is the bush plant through which Moses received a message from the all-mighty speaking through the flames. A mosque was built into the wall of the chapel in the Fatimid period during the 10th century.

Places of Interest In Saint Catherine City

It is a special high-altitude Sahara with an eco-system filled with various endemic and rare species, there are many rare types of medicinal plants which locals use for countless ages. There are water pools, narrow canyons springs, creeks, and wide valleys. there are many churches, monasteries, and holy sites in the area and beyond apart from the religious sites located on top of Jebel Musa (Mt. Sina) and around the Monastery of St.

Katherine and There are a lot of historical places, dating back to the Pharaonic age, Nabatean and Byzantine era, plus more modern sites like the Palace of Abbas Hilmi I. Pasha. The city contains a number of cultural and natural attractions like water-pools, creeks, barren mountain wadis where a number of Bedouin gardens and buildings are located among magical rock formations and springs in the dry. From the highest mountains of Egypt, you have a heavenly path to the majestic  Sharm el-sheik, Dahab, Taba, El Tur, and the Gulf of Suez.

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Saint Catherine city is a majestic city that received extra attention from the all-mighty offering the finest vision of natural beauty on top of a high mountain that could almost touch the gates of paradise. Your time to live the vacation of a lifetime is between your hands offers a miracle to create precious memories through our Egypt vacation packages.

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