Located on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula and about 80km (50 mi) northeast of Sharm el-sheikh lays the Majestic city of Dahab. The former Bedouin fishing village became one of Sinai’s most famous diving locations. It became a popular tourist destination because of the various hotels, restaurants, and is served by Sharm El-Sheik international airport. The city is renowned for its adventure water sports like diving, snorkeling, and especially windsurfing. Dahab is near the infamous Blue Hole a.k.a the world’s most dangerous diving site. The city includes many forms of entertainment like camel and horse rides, cycling, jeep and quad bike trips, Safari trip into the desert where you will enjoy a magical time in a Bedouin village, The coolest night club scene and the finest hotels and restaurants.

Facts About Dahab Red Sea

Facts About Dahab - All You Need to Know About Dahab Red Sea - Egypt Tours Portal

The word Dahab means gold which reflects on the golden color of its deserts and beaches or the sky after a magical sunset. The climate in Dahab is quite tropical with hot summer days and warm-mild winter days and an average temperature of 25 C (77.2 F). The city is divided into three major parts which are Masbat which include the Bedouin village Asalah in the north and in the south lays Mashraba which is more tourist attractions and has many more hotels and in the southwest is Medina which includes the Laguna area which is popular for its shallow-water windsurfing activities. Through the magical perfect combination of The Red Sea and the Sinai desert, Dahab was able to establish itself as an alternative resort attracting independent and adventurous travelers from all over the world.

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Egypt is full of charming coastal cities like Dahab, Hurghada, and Marsa Alam beside all its fascinating historical landmarks that reach back to the dawn of civilization in the immortal cities Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, so don’t miss the chance to combine everything Egypt has to offer through our Egypt private tours.