The Pharaonic Village is one of the most interesting tourist sites in Cairo as it is a place where the ancient life of the Pharaohs is being introduced by explaining the art & history of ancient Egypt. There, you will find different techniques of mummification, perfume making, agriculture, and food industry that reflect the way of life of the ancient Egyptians in live shows. It is located some miles from the downtown of Egypt’s capital.

The Pharaonic Village History

The Pharaonic village was built by Dr. Hassan Ragab & his son, Dr. Abd El-Salam Ragab. It was mainly established to allow its visitors to have an unforgettable adventure back in history to the days of the ancient Pharaohs and its builders made sure that they reproduce the ancient buildings, food, clothes, and ancient lifestyle at the best they can to reflect the exceptional glory of the ancient life of Egypt.

The Pharaonic Village covers around 490 thousand square feet at the Island of Ya’aqoub and it is surrounded by about 5000 tall trees that separate the visitors of the village from the world outside and give them the feeling that they have gone back in history for more than 5000 years. Dr. Hassan Rageb has decided to build that village 20 years ago when he came to the island to grow papyrus for the paper fabrication after it disappears for more than one thousand years.

Best Museums Inside the Pharaonic Village

Best Museums Inside the Pharaonic Village - Egypt Tours Portal

You will find inside that village some fascinating museums including the following ones:

1. The Ptolemaic Museum

It displays the amazing historic era that dates back to the reign of Alexander the Great to Queen Cleopatra when Alexandria city was the cultural capital of the whole ancient world. There is also duplication to the incredible tomb of King Tutankhamun that was opened for the public in 1992.

2. The Boat Museum

This part of the Pharaonic Village displays some of the most fanciful ancient boats and ships and they were made of wood or papyrus and were mainly used for ancient religious rituals.

3. The Museum of Islamic History

It is a very interesting museum that aims to teach young children all about Egypt’s culture, heritage, and religion by informing them about the greatest warriors who conquered the old world from Persia to Spain.

4. The Coptic Museum

It aims to give a whole picture regarding the history of Coptic Egypt and the amazing Coptic art since lots of people don’t actually realize that for more than 600 years, Egypt was a Christian state.

There are also two other outstanding museums in the village; one that displays the way in which the ancient Egyptians used to mummify their mummies and the other one shows the most common traditional daily ancient practices in ancient Egypt.

Enjoy the Best of Egypt Tours

While being in such an exceptional Egyptian site, you will enjoy a lot while checking the best games, arts, industries, and legends of the ancient history of Egypt. You will receive very satisfactory services while being in such a place and meet lots of facilities like children playground, a wonderful restaurant that serves both oriental & European dishes, rental boats, and lots of other services. So don’t miss a trip to Egypt bewitching sightseeing while being in the Land of Pharaohs.