Al-Muiz Street is one of the biggest and the richest streets all over Cairo that contains lots of hypnotic Islamic sights and attractions that reflect a great part of Egypt’s great history, traditions, and customs and it was the essential street in Cairo when it was rebuilt during the 11th century. The northern part of El-Muiz Street was recently renovated & opened for the public and it is currently considered one of the most attractive parts of all Cairo.

You will find on the southern part of the street the largest amount of Islamic attractions ever been built just like the great Citadel of Salah El-Din that was built during the 12th century. You will find there some majestic mosques that were constructed in the Citadel’s walls which are: Suleyman Pasha Mosque, The Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali, El-Nasir Mohammed Mosque, and Al-Aqmar Mosque.

Al-Aqmar Mosque is one of the oldest and the most impressive buildings in Old Cairo that is located at the end of El-Moez Street. Although it is a small one, it is really amazing and it is usually called “The Moonlight Mosque” & has some incredible architectural features that make it a unique one when comparing with the other mosques around.

Al-Aqmar Mosque was established around 1125 AD during the Fatimid era when Al-Ma’mun Al-Bata’ihi was ruling Egypt. Lots of historians believe that that mosque was constructed during the reign of Imam Al-Amir Bi-Ahkami-Lah but others believe that it was the reign of the Caliphate of Al-Mustansir but what really matters is to know that it has been the first mosque all around Cairo to use an offset façade

The Construction of the Mosque of Al-Aqmar

Al-Aqmar Mosque - Egypt Tours Portal
Al-Aqmar Mosque – Egypt Tours Portal

The mosque’s façade is really unique and it is decorated with 3 different flutes hoods and there are some beautiful inscriptions on each side of the portal. The façade of the mosque is also famous for its incredible stonework and inside it; you will be welcomed with a cool fresh breeze.

This mosque is believed to be one of the first hanging mosques to be built all-around Egypt and it was constructed at a higher level from the level of the street above the shopping area. But the mosque appears nowadays at the same level of the street as the shops that are built there are getting higher and higher. It is the first mosque of its kind that is designed with a magical entrance parallel to the street and it was adjusted to be facing the Qibla of Mecca.

Egypt is full of treasures and this amazing mosque is one of the priceless treasures of the country that can’t be missed and with us, we will make sure that you never miss any of the major highlights of the country. Just choose the most appealing Egypt tour package to your heart and let the dream begins.