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Morsi Abu El Abbas Mosque

Morsi Abu El Abbas Mosque - Egypt Tours Portal

Morsi Abu El Abbas Mosque is one of the most mesmerizing destinations in Alexandria. The mosque of Morsi Abu El Abbas is very well-known to be one of the oldest constructions as it was first built in1775 A.D. It is dedicated to the 13th-century Sufi saint Abu Abbas Al Mursi (1219-1286). The mosque currently stands on a mosque square overlooking the eastern harbor where It was rebuilt many times over the years. Morsi Abu El Abbas Mosque was built over the tomb of Al Musi Abu Al-Abbas who was an Islamic scholar and a teacher.

Who Is Morsi Abu EL Abbas?

Morsi Abu EL Abbas was born in the Andalusia region of Spain in 1219 to a wealthy Muslim family that left for Tunisia because of the rise of Christian control of Spain, then he and his family left for Alexandria which was a popular destination of many Muslim scholars during that era.

He lived in Alexandria for 43 years until his death in 1286 and was buried in a small construction near the eastern heron which was later turned into a huge mausoleum and a mosque. Every year a festival takes place to celebrate him.

The History of Morsi Abu El Abbas Mosque

Morsi Abu El Abbas Mosque History - Egypt Tours Portal

The mosque gained a massive amount of fame as it became a place of pilgrimage for many Muslims from Egypt and Morocco who passed through Alexandria on their way to and from Mecca.

Many people viewed him as a saint and built their tombs next to him or enlarge his building so they could get some of his grace such as Algerian Sheikh Abu el Hassan El Maghrebi who built a much larger mosque on the same site that was renovated in 1863.

The mosque was once again enlarged and renovated in a 13th-century Arabian style architecture in 1943 by king Farouq the first who built the Mosque Square that covers 43,200 square meters and includes five other mosques centered around the main mosque that can be seen clearly from the sea.

Morsi Abu El Abbas Mosque Architecture

The mosque is famous for its unique 13th century Arabic style of architecture with a height of 23 m and an octagonal design with internal walls dressed in artificial stone and a soaring central tower that reaches 73m and a hypnotic interior with mesmerizing mosaics, tiling, and woodwork.

The mosque contains a magical high ceiling decorated with arabesque and a beautiful octagonal skylight which is surrounded by four domes placed over the four mausoleums within the complex.

The floors are paved in white marble, the windows are made carved from walnut, teak, and citron, and the minbar is capped by a dome that holds verses from the Quran written at the top with French gold. The mihrab is decorated with two columns of Egyptian granite written on them the name of Muhammad in Kufic Arabic calligraphy.

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