There are so many traditions and customs that are closely attached to the history of Egypt. It is one of the unique countries around the world that has the greatest ancient attractions which were inherited by the ancients. In addition to this, there are lots of traditions that were shared between the Egyptians tens of years ago. Some of those traditions are normal and you can even find them in other countries but others are really strange and hard to understand for the other cultures and that is why we have collected in our article some of the most unfamiliar traditions & beliefs in Egypt so that whenever you get the chance to come and visit the land of Pharaohs, you don’t get surprised while checking closely those unique traditions. There are Traditions only Egyptians can understand:

Top 10 Traditional Only Egyptians Can Understand

1- 3zomet Marakbiya

That expression is used when someone invites someone else to do something without insisting as he/she doesn’t really mean. The word Marakbiya means the people in a boat in the middle of the sea and they are definitely away from anyone else so when someone is inviting another one to enjoy food, drink, or activity, it means that he doesn’t really mean since he won’t be able to apply what he offered.

2- Step-in With Your right Leg

This is a very old tradition for the Egyptians which require anyone to step with his right leg whenever he/she is about to enter a new place or to start a new life just like getting inside the house after getting married to spend a life full of prosperity, happiness, and blessings.

3- Shah’el El-Mulukhiya “The Mulykhiya Gasp”

This is one of the strangest traditions in Egypt and it is mainly for housewives. It is a gasp that should be made while preparing a dish of mulukhiya to have a tasty dish. It requires the person to open his mouth and make a sound as if he/she gets astonished. It is very strange we agree but it has been a habit that is inherited over the last centuries and a generation after another teaches that movement to the other to have a perfect result.

4- Make Sure to Drink the Whole Glass of Juice

If you are visiting any Egyptian at his/her home, just make sure to drink the whole glass of juice that is served to you especially if they have daughters as they do believe that if you didn’t finish the whole of your glass of juice that that is an offense to them and that their daughters won’t get married “we will never know what is the connection” but what to say, it is really strange and interesting.

5- Stay Away From the Black Crow & Cat

The Egyptians considered that a black crow brings very bad luck and they also believe that if a black crow stands over the roof of a house, it means that something bad is going to happen at that house and even someone may die. The same can be said regarding the black cat but what is stranger is that they believe that the black cat is a bad spirit that wanders on earth and they shouldn’t look at its eyes at all.

6- The Twitching Eyes

If you have experienced a twitching eye before, you will know that it is very irritating but for the Egyptians, it is not just irritating, it means that something really bad is going to happen especially is the twitching eye is the left one.

7- Having Baby Girls

The majority of the Egyptians prefer having girls as that means getting a much better livelihood although others prefer having boys to get someone who holds your name and commemorates your family name.

8- Spilling Coffee

Coffee is one of the most common Egyptian drinks but if it happened and you accidently spilled your coffee, it means that something good is about to happen.

9- Beware of the Turned Slipper

For the Egyptians, they consider turning slippers the worst thing and that if someone saw a turned one and left it that way, something bad is going to happen and it may also bring the devil into the house.

10- Hold the Wood

This is a proverb used in Egypt when someone says something good that has recently happened with him and requires the other one to hold the wood in order not to envy him.

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