This is a captivating Mosque that is located on Luxor‘s east bank atop the ancient parts of Luxor Temple that used to be the center of worship in the 14th century BC during the reign of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Its design resembles the Fatimid mosques just like Esna Mosque in Aswan city and the amazing Mosque of Al-Mashhad El-Bahari that is located on the bank of the Nile.

Abu El-Hagag Mosque has a small dome and it was constructed on a square small area. Its entrance is located on the west side and it got so many changed in the Ayyubid era. Abu El-Haggag Mosque was built in the northeast section of Luxor Temple and it dates back to the middle of the Fatimid Era. There are three arches at the mosque’s entrance and they reach a height of 12 m. Those arches are covered with faience & marble.

You will find inside that amazing mosque a simple designed niche, a small grave in which Abu Al-Haggag “Yousef Ibn Abdel Raheem” was buried. There are some balconies on the top of that mosque and they were restored in 1914 AD by Khedive Abbas Helmy II. Sheikh Yousef was the one who was spreading the word of Islam in the area and he was actually the one who built that mosque. He also spent lots of time and paid much effort to take care of pilgrims. And after that, he was called “Abu Haggag” which means the father of pilgrims due to his efforts.

Youssef was born around 1150 AD in Damascus and then he moved to Mecca and eventually settled in Luxor, Egypt till his death in 1245 AD. The legend says that this mosque was already built in the court of Luxor Temple. The high ranking official wanted to remove the mosque but Sheikh Youssef wanted to keep it but the official insisted to move the mosque. Before destroying the mosque, the official woke up and found that the whole of his body was paralyzed and the other official officers thought that what happened to him was due to his dispute against Abu El-Haggag. The official eventually changed their minds and gave the permission to keep the mosque where it was and since that time, Abu El-Haggag Mosque is considered a very famous site for tourists and locals to visit while being in Luxor city.

There is a famous celebration that is held in Abu El-Haggag Mosque yearly and it is called “Moulid Abu El-Haggag” and it takes place in November every year. It lasts for several days and it is such a joyful colorful celebration to attend with a combination of entertainment & religion.

If you have the chance to visit this legendry Mosque, you will get thrilled while being there and while knowing more and more about the interesting different parts of the Egyptian history, religion, and culture through booking one of our Egypt vacation packages that cover all inch in the land of Pharaohs.