Abu Serga Church a.k.a St. Sergius, st.serigo or Abu Serga, it was built in the 5th or the 8th century (as some historians disagreed about the exact time) in the center of an ancient Roman fort of Babylon. The church was built to honor two saints, the first was an Egyptian by the name of “Sergius” who died of intense Christian persecution and the second is a servant to the Roman emperor “Maximilian” that martyred in Syria at the beginning of the 4th century. It is also believed that the place was one of the places visited by the holy family during their escape from “King Herod“. The church was burned during the fire of Fustat in the reign of Marwan the second around 750 AD. Abu Serga Church was rebuilt and resorted many times through medieval times.

The Architecture of Abu Serga Church

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The church’s shape is a basilica with a narthex and contains a nave and two aisles that are separated from the nave by 12 columns with the Corinthian capitals. It holds three sanctuaries that each one holds an altar and Each altar has a dome that holds religious scenes of Christ, Angels, and four evangelists. The central sanctuary has a wooden screen that dates back to the 13th century. Abu Serga also contains a pulpit on the northeast side of the nave, made of marble, and encrusted with panels of ebony and ivory.

One of the most important landmarks in this church is the cave where the holy family hid during their journey through Egypt. The cave contains a nave, two aisles, a domed ceiling, and a baptistery. On the first of June, each year, the Christian community celebrates the arrival of the holy family in the cave of the church of St. Sergio.

Tours to Abu Serga Church

Tours to Abu Serga Church - Egypt Tours Portal

Abu Serga church is one of the most famous Cairo tourist attractions, so you can check our Cairo day tours if you are already in Cairo to enjoy a tour to the church with an Egyptologist tour guide. You can also check our wide variety of Egypt private tours and Nile River Cruises to enjoy everything Egypt has to offer from the Pyramids, Churches, Temples, and tombs to the unique atmosphere of the red sea resorts.