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Luxor City:-

Luxor is a city in upper Egypt called the city of hundred doors, also called Thebes in ancient Egypt, it was the capital of the Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom. It now the capital of the Luxor Government in Egypt. it locates in the banks of the Nile  River while splitting it to west and east. It’s 417 square Km. It called the greatest open-air museum in the world. It contains much monuments and temples in Egypt this back to its great position in ancient Egypt. It was the home of the Kings and Pharaohs for a long time from its construction in the 11th Dynasty by the king Montuhotep II in (2575 B.C) until the (332 B.C),  in this era, the city gains all of this famous due to the many temples and tombs that built there. It is an attraction for tourists since the beginning of tourism during the ancient Greek time and Roman Periods, where a lot of tourists prefer to visit the city as a part of their Egypt travel packages, now Luxor is the major attraction for tourists in Egypt due to its monuments and it’s weather which warms in winter that makes it tourist attraction all year where tourists can visit Luxor easily in winter without suffering from cold.

Luxor has a very big numbers of temples and monuments, it’s the home of the largest religious temple of the world, El-Karnak Temple which locates at the center of the city, it was built by Amenhotep III and Ramses II which consists of the number of the small temples. Dier el Bahari the temple of Queen Hatshepsut. The Colossi of Memnon it’s back to Amenhotep III in 18th dynasty. Dendara Temple that backs to the Roman era. The Temple of Luxor the second largest temple after EL-Karnak Temple, it built by Amenhotep II and Ramses II for one of the most festival celebration is the festival of Opet during the 18th dynasty this festival took 11 days. The Valley of the Kings and The Valley of the Queens that belonged to the Kings and Queens from the 18th dynasty to 20th dynasty. The temple of Queen Hatshepsut the Queen’s architect Senenmu designed it, it one of the most famous in a temple in the world.

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