No, there won’t be any extra fees or expenses of any kind besides the agreed on a final price which include the common minor fee tax. All your purchases & tipping will be paid by you.

We highly recommend that you have your ID or Passport so it can be matched to your reservation plus the order (receipt) that was immediately emailed to you after we made your reservation.

You can contact us any time you want to plan a trip to Egypt and we will start directly in customizing your tour according to the number of travelers, the required dates, and your budget.


The best time to travel to Egypt is during the winter from September to April as the climate becomes a bit tropical accompanied by a magical atmosphere of warm weather with a winter breeze.

You can wear whatever makes you comfortable, but keep in mind that in the summer it is advised to put on Sunblock. You can wear hats, scarfs, and sunglasses, plus light clothes are recommended during summertime. As for Comfortable footwear, a closed-toe shoe is a good choice.

You can bring whatever you want, pick everything you could need. We recommend to always keep a backpack with you at all time. If you visit Egypt in summer make sure to bring plenty of water with you during your tours to avoid dehydration as it gets hot.


Please read our cancellation policy at the following link here.

Of course we offer some special rates for groups with big numbers as all of our tours are totally private and with the increase in the number of travelers, we give a special offer per person.

The earlier you make a reservation, the better your chances are of getting a better deal. Your early reservation will give us time to determine and book the best guides and the drivers in order to make the tour at its absolute best.