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Egypt Lifts All COVID-19-related Restrictions on Arrivals - Check for More!

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kalabsha temple - egypt tours portal

Kalabsha Temple

The Temple of Kalabsha (also Temple of Mandulis) is an ancient Egyptian temple that was originally locate...

Imam Al-Hussein Mosque in Cairo - Egypt Tours Portal

Al-Hussein Mosque

Al-Hussein mosque is one of the wonderful sacred Islamic sites in Egypt and it is dedicated to Sayyidna A...

Best Luxury Hotels in Cairo - Egypt Tours Portal

Best Luxury Hotels in Cairo

In Egypt, you will find a lot of luxury hotels and resorts that offer comfortable...So read more about ou...

Hurghada Grand Aquariu - Egypt Tours Portal

Hurghada Grand Aquarium

Hurghada Grand Aquarium inspires all guests of all ages to check the amazing beauty of the marine environ...

Mahmya Island - Egypt Tours Portal

Mahmya Island

Mahmya Island is an eco-tourism haven bordered by virgin blue waters awaiting exploration and a white. Re...

Hurghada Golf Resorts - Egypt Tours Portal

Hurghada Golf Resorts

Here is a list of the most recommended resorts in Hurghada that offer the chance to do Golf sport. Check ...

Vegetarian Restaurants in Cairo - Egypt Tours Portal

The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Cairo

In our article, you will know some of the most famous vegetarian restaurants in Cairo and their location ...

Souk Al-Khayamiya -Egypt Tours Portal

Souk Al-Khayamiya

While being in the Souk of Al-Khayamiya, you will find lots of wall hangings, colorful tapestries & carpe...

Qalawun Complex - Egypt Tours Portal

Qalawun Complex

Qalawun complex was built in the great historical street in Cairo that is called “El-Muizz Street” by...

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